Icom IC-F3102D/4102D

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Icom IC-F3102D/4102D

The Icom IC-F3102D/4102D is an entry level IDAS Digital Hand portable Series that are very small and simple to use, the Icom IC-F3102D/4102D series are capable of both analogue and digital radio communications on a single channel. The Icom IC-F3102D/4102D series are incredibly simple to use and have selected functions which do not require an LCD and keypad. In addition, the Icom IC-F3102D/4102D series are compatible with IDAS multi-site conventional and IDAS single – site trunking thus providing an affordable digital migration path from analogue.
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IDAS conventional and IDAS single-site trunking compatible
Digital/Analogue mixed operation
Digital functionality built-in… no digital board required.
Channel announcement feature
Simple operation for instant communication
800mW (typical) loud and intelligible audio with BTL amplifier and large 45mm speaker
CTCSS/DTCS tone encoder/decoder built-in
5-Tone encoder/decoder built-in
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Internal VOX function (Optional headset and adapter cable required.)
2 year warranty on transceiver, 1 year warranty on accessories
Scan features
Lone worker function
DTMF autodial
BIIS PTT ID transmission
Surveillance function
3-color LED (Red, Green, Orange)
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BP-265 Li-Ion Battery pack
BC-193 Rapid desktop charger
BC-06 Charger adapter
MB-124 Belt clip
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