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Kenwood NXR 710/810 – Repeater

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Kenwood NXR 710/810 – Repeater

The Kenwood NXR 710/810 repeater series are the new and conventional repeater/base stations are a key element in any Radio product line using NEXEDGE. The Kenwood NXR 710/810 series offer a cost effective infrastructure solution for single site local area application. Both the NXR 710/810 operate on a multi-mode system in both working on digital and analogue.

Along with that the Kenwood NXR 710/810 have flexible configurations and high performanc which are perfectly suited for a variety of user groups. including industrial facilities, rural public safety/utilities, road maintenance, hospitals, hospitality and many others. The Kenwood NXR 710/810’s are ideal for users requiring local area coverage and desiring migration to a digital solution that’s compatible with their exiting analogue radios.

The Kenwood NXR 710/810 have 3 operation modes which are

  • Analogue Conventional
  • Digital Conventional
  • Mixed mode Conventional

Along with this there will be future capabilities for the repeater

  • Coventional IP networking option


30 Channel Base / Simplex or Full Duplex
40/50 Watt at 50% duty; 25 Watt at 100% duty
NXR-710E: 136-174 MHz (VHF), NXR-810E: 400-470 MHz (UHF)
Repeater Operation
Mixed Analogue FM/Digital Operation
FM Conventional Mode
6.25 kHz Channels (Digital)

Repeater Operation
NXDN Digital Air Interface
Digital Conventional mode
NXDN Digital Scrambler
FM Trunked Mode (Via External MPT Controller)
6 Programmable Function Keys
Digital Single-Site Trunking & Multi-Site IP Network Mode (Future Upgrade)

Standard Package Comprises

Users Manual English, French, Spanish, Germany, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Turkish
Mounting Bracket (Handle)
Front Glass


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