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Motorola GM340

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Motorola GM340

The Motorola GM340 is the ideal two-way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact. The Motorola GM340 is simple to operate, allowing users to keep in contact while still concentrating on the job at hand.
The Motorola GM340 is an easy to operate two-way radio with push-button operation and LED indicators which will prevent large amount of training being needed. The functionality can also be expanded with third-party options boards such as voice storage to avoid missing an important message.
Motorola GM340 can be configured to sound vechicle’s horn or activate the lights when a call is received. Alternatively calls can be forwarded to another user who say a vehicle is empty.


1-25W Power
6 Channels
X-Pand Voice (Companding & Low Level Expansion)
Channel Power – High/Low
Repeater Talkaround
PL Encode: PL & DPL
PL Reverse burs
DPL Turn off code (TOC)
Scan List
Priority Scan
Call back
Nuisance Channel Delete
Select 5 signalling – VZEI, CCIR 20mS, 70mS, 100mS, EEA, user defined

Channel change During Scan
Scan Transmit Channel
Scan Vote
Transmit: TOT
Cleardown/remote close
Transmit Admit Criteria
On/Off in emergency
Lone Worker
External Line Output functions
Emergency Signalling
External Line Input functions
DTMF encoding (24 digits)
Option board capable

Standard Package Comprises

Motorola GM340 Radio
Fist Microphone
Fitting Kit
User Guide

Additional Information


136 – 174MHz, 403 – 470MHz


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