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Vertex Standard VX-350 Series

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Vertex Standard VX-350 Series

The Vertex Standard VX-350 Series portables will be avaliable in two different levels. The VX-351 has not got a display and only has side keys, where as the VX-354 will have an 8 character Alphanumeric display and has four programmable keys on the front. Both radios in the Vertex Standard VX-350 Series will have 16 channels and 5 watts of power.

Vertex Standard VX-350 Series has a battery life of over 11 hours on a standard 1800 mAh battery. This is with the built in battery saver mode turned off. With this series radio there is an optional 2,000 mAh battery, and with battery saving turned on the battery life extends to over 15 hours!

Like most Vertex Standard radios an emergency function is built in. This emergency function will be set to a designated channel and will be sent to emergency unit ID and transmits with a live microphone.

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VX-351, VX-354


134 – 174 Mhz, 400 – 470 Mhz


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