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Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series

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Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series Brochure

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Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series

The Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series is the smallest radio offered by Vertex Standard is unobtrusive and easy to wear all day and is built with more enhanced features that are typically not found on the radios of this size. The Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series is intrinsically safe and certified to meet ATEX approval specifications for gas protection to use in explosive hazardous settings.

Atex Approved for Gas Protection

II 2 G E Ex ib IIC T4

Withstands Harsh Environments

Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series have no issue with Water, dust, temperature extremes, shock and vibrations. These Radios are manufactured to rugged Military Standards specifications. Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series also meet waterproofing standards internationally.

Tailored Communication to Meet Your Demands

Get the ultimate signaling performance with a choice of multiple 2-tone encode and decode or 5-tone signaling to support the most advanced communications needs from individual to fleet operations. The Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series also included a 7-colour LED with a variable flash pattern for custom incoming call alerts.

Safety Counts

When help is needed. The Vertex Standard VX-820E ATEX Series has emergency notification that will switch to a designated channel and send an emergency alert. The radios also include remote listen which turns the radio on remotely if needed to check out what is happening near the radio.


512 Channel capacity (VX-829/824)
16 Channel capacity VX-821)
Wide band coverage
Seven programmable keys (VX-829/824)
Three programmable keys (VX-821)
Direct channel recall
12-Character alphanumeric display (VX-829/824)
RX/TX Battery power save
CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
User selectable tone

MDC-1200 ANI Encode
Stun / kill / revive (5-tone)
Lone Worker
Minimum volume control
Scan options: Priority, Dual Watch, Follow-me, Follow-me Dual Watch, Talk Around
Programmable home channel function
Radio-to-radio cloning

Standard Package Comprises

Li-on Battery
Belt Clip

Additional Information


VX-821, VX-824, VX-829


134-174MHz, 400-470MHz


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