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Vertex Standard VXD-720

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Vertex Standard VXD-720

Easily convert from analouge to digital two-way radio communications with the Vertex Standard VXD-720, providing the essential voice and text communications needed. The Vertex Standard VXD-720 series operates on the most widely-used digital protocol – DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), making it compatible to work with other DMR models and brands. The Vertex Standard VXD-720 can also be used with existing analogue radios for an easy transition to new equipment.

Easy Digital Conversion: Operate in Analogue or Digital Mode

Vertex Standard VXD-720 can operate on both analogue and digital modes. This provides an easy path to switch to digital when ready. The flexibility enables conversion to digital one radio at a time, one channel at a time or just to move the full system at once. The Vertex Standard VXD-720 includes dual-mode analogue and/or digital scan as well as mixed mode priority scan to easily operate in digital and still be able to scan and communicate with the analogue users.

Digital Double Call Capacity With One License

All Vertex Standard VXD radios use Time-Divison Multiple-Access (TDMA) 6.25 KHz efficient digital technology that doubles the capacity for the price of one frequency license. The radios support twice as many talk groups or calls without adding more licensing costs.

Digital Delivers Longer Battery Life

Integrated Voice and Text for Efficiency

Sumbmersible and Waterproof


512 Channel capacity
Six programmable keys
40 Character alphanumeric display
Tri-colour LED custom call alert
Digital encode/decode: call alert, private call, emergency, selective radio inhibit, radio check and remote monitor
MDC-1200® analogue encode/decode: call alert, emergency and PTT ID

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2-Tone Analogue paging: call alert, call alert with voice and select call
Basic privacy encryption (optional, digital mode only)
Voice activated transmit (VOX)
Contact list for up to 1,000 records
Scan options: dual mode (analogue or digital); mixed mode priority scan (digital only)
AMBE+2™ Digital vocoder
Radio-to-radio cloning

Standard Package Comprises

VXD-720 Portable radio
Belt clip
Choice of antenna
Accessory socket dust cover
Choice of battery Li Ion / NiMH battery
User guide incorporating safety leaflet
Desktop Rapid Charger for Li Ion / NiMH batteries
12 months warranty

Additional Information


136 – 174 MHz, 403 – 470 MHz, 450 – 512 MHz


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