Hytera PD355


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The Hytera PD355 with its pocket-size design is Small, light and compact which makes it very easy to be carried around. Along with the small design which makes the Hytera PD355 so easy to carry about it charges with the use of Micro USB chargers which can be both plugged to a computer or plugged straight into the mains through an adapter. The PD355 is a is a handheld digital radio from Hytera. This radio is compact, allowing for discreet use in a variety of environments such as retail or hospitality. A partial keypad and display makes up the front of the PD355, with 4 programmable buttons allowing for the device to be customized. A 2000mAh Li-Ion battery comes as standard with the PD355, this with the ability to last up to 12 hours of digital use.

Built to IP54 standards, the PD355 has a limited dust ingress protection, whilst also being protected against splashes of water. VOX Voice Activation allows for the device to be used hands free should it be needed, allowing for the easiest possible use when needed. Quick pre-programmed text messaging is also a feature on this device, this allowing for quick communications should a message need to be relayed. The PD355 has a 256 channel capacity, with 16 channels being stored over 16 zones. Other features on this device include priority scan, basic encryption and an analogue scrambler that can be acquired via the latest firmware for the device.

Product Features

  • Pocket-size design and easy to carry
  • Four programmable buttons
  • Micro USB port for easy charging
  • Radio more compact through creative antenna design
  • In digital mode, radio operates up to 12 hours using a duty cycle of 5-5-90
  • Dual mode ensures smooth migration from analogue to digital
  • Voice communication includes private, group and all call
  • Groups can be used with CTCSS/CDCSS to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency
  • Radios can be enabled to continuously scan each analogue and digital channel
  • Supports messaging with up to 64 characters
  • Supports a one touch feature for pre-programmed text messages and voice calls
  • High quality speaker for clear audio
  • Cost-effective digital experience
  • License free option also available

Product Package Includes

  • Radio
  • Li-Ion Batter
  • Rapid Charger
  • Beltclip
  • User Guide