Hytera PD705GLB (LB With GPS)

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Frequency Range:

LB: 66-88MHz

VHF: 136-174MHz

UHF: 400-470MHz

Product Description:

Meets MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F

Protection Class IP67 Rated

Up To 32 Channels

Channel Spacing: 12.5 / 20 / 25KHz

Channel Scan Supporting Mixed Mode Scanning (Analogue & Digital Channel)

Supports Global Positioning System (GPS) (PD705G Only)

Digital Text Message Function (Preprogrammable Message & Editable Message)

Remote Monitor, Stun/Revive, Call Alert

Man Down (PD705G)

Lone worker

Basic Scrambler & Encryption, Advanced Encryption

Pseudo Trunk Operation (DMO & RMO)

Multi-Site Roaming

Channel Change Voice Notification

5 Tone, HDC1200, 2 Tone Signalling Selectable (In Analogue Mode)

Analogue & Digital DTMF

One Touch Call / Text Message / Supplemental Services



XPT Trunking, MPT1327 & DMR Tier III Compatible

Analogue & Digital Emergency

Standard Package Comprises Of:

Radio Unit MCU Single Unit Charger
2000mAh Li-Ion Battery Belt Clip & Leather Strap
Antenna 24 Months Radio Body Warranty
User Manual Switching Power Adapter