Kenwood TK7302/8302

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Kenwood TK7302/8302

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Kenwood TK7302/8302

The Kenwood TK7302/8302 are the newest tranceiver that is done by Kenwood delivers reliable mobile performance with extra wideband coverage along with other features as QT/DQT signalling, multiple scan functions and a vioce inversion scrambler. Yet this tough IP54 / Mil-STD-compliant radio is decidedly user -friendly, providing high-quality audio, voice announcement and a large display with adjustable brightness for simple operation, day and night.

The Kenwood TK7302/8302 offers ample capacity for multiple channels and radio systems: 16 channels and 2 zones.
Along with the capacity the Kenwood TK7302/8302 has enhanced Kenwood sound which allows for confident communication.
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Frequency Range: 136-174 MHz
16 Channels
25 Watts RF Output
Emergency Mode
DTMF, QT & DQT Signalling
PTT ID and Electronic Serial Number
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Voice Annunciation In Eight Languages
MDC-1200 Signalling (requires special license ID)
D-Sub Interface Connector
Requires Optional Microphone

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