Motorola CP040


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The Motorola CP040 offers simple radio communication for small and medium-sized organisations at a very competitive price. Designed with small and medium-sized warehousing, agriculture, security, light industry and services customers in mind, the four channel CP040 requires minimal training and keeps team members in touch without distracting them with complicated features. Management can monitor all voice traffic and get a message to the team in seconds, however large the site. Using the CP040 is second nature thanks to the tough and textured buttons, chunky rotary channel, volume knobs and tricolour status LED. In addition, two programmable buttons can be set to give immediate access to the four most often used features, making communication even simpler.

Available in two versions, with four or sixteen communication channels, you can use the CP040 to liaise with the whole team or change channel to discuss a more complicated issue one to one. The CP040 has a high/low power setting that allows users to extend battery life for up to 19 hours2 from a single battery charge. This can be done by switching to low power when the user is in close proximity to other users, as the range is reduced and less power is required. Avoid missed messages with the built-in ‘scan’ function that searches all channels for activity. Designed and built to the gruelling American standard MIL spec 810F and exceeding the exacting IP54 standard for environmental protection, the CP040 has also passed the Motorola Accelerated Life Test which replicates five years of hard use in the field.


  • Adjustable power levels
  • 19 Hours Battery life
  • High/low power option for battery management
  • VHF, UHF
  • Dimensions H 130mm x W 62mm x D 42mm
  • Weight 376g with Slim Li-Ion Battery
  • Channel scan
  • 4 Channels
  • Programmable buttons
  • Signalling
  • X-pand voice compression and low level expansion
  • IP54 IP Standards