Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-5300


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You can afford to enhance your communication with the digital performance of the Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-5300. Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-5300 radios are compact and precision engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality, giving you more capabilities and the flexibility you need to communicate at your best. Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-5300 operate as both digital and analogue modes and can be used with any existing analogue two way radios. With the use of digital this eliminates the noise and static that voice transmits to only deliver the intended voice messages crisply and clearly. Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-5300 use AMBE+2™ vocoder to enhance the voice quality.


  • Basic privacy
  • Enhanced privacy (EVX-5400)
  • Text messaging (EVX-5400)
  • All call, Group call, Individual call
  • Escalert
  • Remote monitor
  • PTT ID encode (EVX-531)
  • PTT ID encode/decode (EVX-534/539)
  • Mixed mode scan
  • One touch access (EVX-5400)
  • 128 Record contact list (EVX-5400)
  • 6 Programmable keys
  • 8-Character alpha numeric display (EVX-5400)
  • Programmable tri-color LED
  • Voice compander
  • Minimum volume control
  • RSSI Indicator (EVX-5400)
  • CTCSS/DCS encode/decode
  • MDC-1200® encode/decode
  • 2-Tone encode/decode
  • 5-Tone encode/decode
  • Lone worker alert
  • Emergency alert
  • DTMF Speed dial
  • DTMF Paging
  • Remote stun/kill/revive
  • Priority scan
  • Dual Watch scan
  • Follow-me scan
  • Public address/ horn alert
  • Radio-to-radio cloning

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EVX-5300, EVX-5400


136-174MHz, 403 – 470MHz