Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-R70


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You can afford to enhance your communications with the digital performance of Vertex Standard eVerge™ EVX-R70. The Vertex Standard eVerge™ EVX-R70 repeater operates in both analogue and digital modes. The repeatere can also be used with current analogue two way devices that are currently in use. eVerge™ radios are compatible with over 74% of the digital radios that are deployed worldwide, this is due to TDMA protocol that has been implemented. Get 100% continuous duty at 45 watt VHF and 40 watt UHF from your Vertex Standard eVerge™ EVX-R70. The repeater includes integrated power supply with connector for optional external DC battery backup. LED indicator enables easy monitoring of repeater status with your Vertex Standard eVerge™ EVX-R70. Status indicators include: Power, digital/analogue mode, repeater disabled, transmit analogue/digital mode by slot and receive analogue/digital mode by slot.

Frequency Ranges

  • VHF: 136 – 174 MHz
  • UHF: 403 – 470 MHz / 450 – 527 MHz


  • EIA Rack mount size
  • AMBE+2™ Digital vocoder
  • 26-Pin accessory connector
  • Multicolored LED Status Indicator
  • Analogue, Digital and Mixed Modes


  • MH-67A8J: Standard microphone
  • MH-12A8J: Desktop microphone
  • WMB-1: Wall mount kit
  • E-DC-29: Battery back-up cable