1. The biggest change to (UK) data privacy law in 20 years
Due to technological advances the amount of personal data being generated is rapidly increasing. Shopping online or using your favourite app generates data, which is why the law is being updated to better protect you. As part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all companies will have to review how they manage personal data, from customer email addresses to employee personal details and ensure they are GDPR-ready by 25th May 2018.
2. More control over personal data
GDPR is all about giving you more control on how your personal data is used. You’ll have greater visibility and control over the personal data organisations hold about you, whether it’s something as simple as your name, or as complex and sensitive as medical information. This means you can have greater confidence that information about you is accurate and properly managed.
3. You can choose who contacts you, and how
Over the coming months you’ll probably notice a lot of organisations asking for your consent so they can contact you about offers, products or services they think you’ll find useful or interesting. To comply with GDPR, these requests have to be clear and straightforward. You get to choose who contacts you and how, for example by email, social media or phone.
4. You can also change your mind at any time
If you give an organisation permission to contact you, you can change your mind in the future. Under the new rules, it should be easier to update your preferences on what you want to receive and how.
5. Your data will be better protected
GDPR also aims to make sure that all organisations holding personal data have the right processes in place to protect it. Organisations who put customer data at risk will face hefty penalties.