Service & Repair

Keeping your lines of communications open

Murphy Comhire all know how frustrating it can be when communication breaks down at work. This causes delays, which costs money. One of the simple ways to avoid this is to make sure your two way radio systems are always working, or at the very least, repaired in a quick and efficient manner if they do break.

By providing radio repairs, servicing and diagnostics, Murphy Comhire are making sure that your business and your work are not unnecessarily compromised.

Need your 2 way radio repaired? Call us on 0114 243 4567 or 0800 163 778

On top of this, if you’ve got a Vertex Standard radio system, Murphy Comhire are one of the few specialists of Vertex radios in the country. This means any work that needs doing can be done in the quickest possible manner.

However no matter what radio you’ve got, you won’t have to pay a penny before knowing exactly what you’re going to pay. With our ‘quote before repair’ policy, you can avoid costly surprises.

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