Hytera BD305LF



Hytera are proud to introduce our new digital business radio, the BD305LF. Simple, robust and delivering clear DMR voice communications, this must-have tool is ideal for customers requiring PMR446 licence free comms straight out of the box. The compact and lightweight design is pocket sized, yet still offers excellent performance and easy-operation for every-day use. If you’re just looking for cost-effective push-to-talk functionality to improve your business efficiency then look no further. A long battery life and robust housing (IP54 rated) ensure you will have reliable communications by your side shift after shift. The BD305LF also supports both Analogue and Digital modes to make it simple to migrate from old Analogue two-way radios. Available with a range of optional earpieces, charged via micro-usb or desktop charging unit, the BD305LF is a flexible digital radio, ready to respond when you need it.

Frequency Range

  • UHF: 446MHz

Product Description

  • 101×49×25.8mm, 140g (with 2200mAh battery and antenna)
  • Dual mode (Analogue & digital)
  • 48 channels, 3 zones
  • 64 contacts in digital mode
  • 12.5/25KHz selectable channel spacing
  • In digital mode, work for 16 hours under a duty cycle of 5-5-90 Digital voice call function
  • Scan (analogue channel only or digital channel only)
  • One touch call
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
  • IP54 Compliance
  • TDMA Direct Mode
  • Analogue & Digital Mixed Channel Receiving Emergency Alarm (via programming) VOX

Package Includes

  • Radio
  • Standard UHF Antenna
  • Li-ion Battery 2200mAh (BL2202)
  • Switching Power adapter (PS1067)
  • Nylon Strap (RO03)
  • Belt Clip (BC16)
  • User Manual