Hytera BD305LF

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Frequency Range:

UHF: 446MHz

Product Description:

101×49×25.8mm, 140g (with 2200mAh battery and antenna)

Dual mode (Analogue & digital)

48 channels, 3 zones

64 contacts in digital mode

12.5/25KHz selectable channel spacing

In digital mode, work for 16 hours under a duty cycle of 5-5-90 Digital voice call function
Scan (analogue channel only or digital channel only)

One touch call

MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards

IP54 Compliance

TDMA Direct Mode

Analogue & Digital Mixed Channel Receiving Emergency Alarm (via programming) VOX

Standard Package Comprises Of:


Standard UHF Antenna

Li-ion Battery 2200mAh (BL2202)

Switching Power adapter (PS1067)

Nylon Strap (RO03)

Belt Clip (BC16)

User Manual