Icom IC-F4032S


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The Icom IC-F4032S is waterproof and comes with VHF And UHF transceivers. The Icom IC-F4032S is a two way business radio that is completely waterproof and dust-tight to IP67 specification. With a competitive price, the Icom IC-F4032S provides an economical solution for those working in harsh environments. This model will be suitable for event management, construction or even those users that work close to the water such as ferry or port operation workers. The IC-F4032S series provides protection against dust and water to the equivalent of IP67. The IC-F4032S series can withstand 1m depth of water for 30 minutes and its dust tight construction protects the radio from powder dust, sand, mud and other objects. It comers with a BP-232WP waterproof Li-Ion battery pack supplied as standard. The supplied BP-232WP IP67 rated high capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack provides outstanding temperature characteristics even in extremely cold areas and provides stable output for longer operating time.

The IC-F4032S has a Lone worker function, it can be configured in such a way that when the radio is not operated for a preset time, the radio will sound a beep requiring an individual to push any button. If no button is pushed, an emergency signal will be automatically transmitted informing fellow workers that something may have happened to that individual. This is Icom’s first waterproof PMR model with optional Mandown facility which makes it an indispensable communication tool but also a vital element in your health and safety policy. The internal 40-pin socket in the IC-F4032S series also allows for Voice scrambler, DTMF decoder optional units. A number of optional microphones are available. The HM-168LWP is a waterproof and dust-tight (IP67) speaker microphone for use with the IC-F4032S series. The HM-158LA, HM-159LA, HM-153LA and HM-166LA are non-waterproof speaker/earphone microphones. The shape of the connector base has been slightly changed from the existing L-type connector base.

Other features

  • BIIS 1200 PTT ID transmission
  • Priority scan and double priority scanning
  • Surveillance function
  • Up to 128 memory channels with 8 zones
  • 8 DTMF autodial memories
  • Uses CS-F5010 cloning software (same as IC-F3022 and IC-F5012 series)
  • Emergency function
  • Alphanumeric LCD

Supplied With

  • BC-232WP Li-Ion Battery pack
  • BC-160 rapid desktop charger
  • BC-123S charger adapter
  • MB-94 Aliigator clip
  • User manual