Icom IC-F5100


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The Icom IC-F5100 is a commercial digital/analogue repeater series which is the first ICOM IDAS 6.25KHz digital capable repeater. The Icom IC-F5100 increases existing 12.5KHz channel capacity and offers easy way for organisation to migrate from analogue and digital in a cost effective, efficient way. There are 2 versions avaliable in the Icom IC-F5100 series. These are divided into 2 as the IC-F5100 is VHF and the IC-F6100 is for the UHF band. The F5100 repeater is a cost effective two way radio repeater solution. The IC-F5100 is available in VHF or UHF configuartions.


  • Status call/request
  • Radio check
  • Call alert
  • Remote radio stun/kill/revive
  • Emergency call
  • Call log
  • Remote radio monitor … Remotely turns on PTT and transmits anything the microphone hears
  • Data call… send and receive a data communication
  • Simultaneous data call … Send and receive a data like GPS position with a voice transmission
  • Audio compander reduces background noise
  • Wide frequency coverage (136–174MHz, 400–470MHz and 450–520MHz)
  • High frequency stability (±0.5ppm)
  • PTT priority setting (Local mic, External PTT or Repeater operation)
  • Low voltage alert
  • Icom’s first IDAS 6.25kHz digital capable repeater
  • Digital/analogue mixed mode operation
  • 6.25kHz channel spacing, double your channel capacity!
  • Compatible with IDAS IC-F3162 handheld series and IC-F5062D mobile series
  • 19-inch rack mount
  • Two RF modules can be installed in one unit (Optional RF module required)
  • 25W, 100% duty operation (50W, 50% duty)
  • 2 Year warranty on repeater
  • Easy installation

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IC-F5100, IC-F6100