Kenwood NXR-710


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The Kenwood NXR-710 repeater is a new and conventional repeater/base stations are a key element in any Radio product line using NEXEDGE. The Kenwood NXR-710 offers a cost effective infrastructure solution for single site local area application. Both the NXR 710/810 operate on a multi mode system in both working on digital and analogue. Along with that the Kenwood NXR-710 has a flexible configuration and a high performanc which is perfectly suited for a variety of user groups. Including industrial facilities, rural public safety, utilities, road maintenance, hospitals, hospitality and many others. The Kenwood NXR-710 is ideal for users requiring local area coverage and desiring migration to a digital solution that’s compatible with their exiting analogue radios.


  • Supports NXDN Conventional & NXDN Type-D Trunking (Option)
  • Mixed Digital & FM Analog Operation
  • 30 Channel Scanning Base Station (Conventional Mode)
  • Multi-Site Conventional IP Network (via KTI-3 option)
  • Programmable AUX I/O’s
  • Two-Digit LED Display
  • 6 Lighted Programmable Function Keys
  • Front Panel Speaker
  • Rear External Speaker Output (4 Watts Audio)
  • FM Analog Trunking Controller Interface (LTR/MPT1327)
  • KPG-149RM/SA Repeater Monitor PC & iOS app