Kenwood NXR 810 Repeater


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The Kenwood NXR-810 is a NEXEDGE UHF digital repeater from Kenwood. 30 Channels are present in conventional mode, with both NXDN Digital Conventional and FM Analogue modes being able to operate on the same channel. A 2-Digit LED display is present on the front of the radio, this alongside 6 programmable function keys that allow for the customization of the repeater to the users needs from their system. A Time-Out timer is present with the NXR-810, this preventing callers from using a singular channel for an extended period of time. A front mounted speaker provides crisp and clear audio, also having the capability to have a Multi-Site IP network mode via a future upgrade.

A battery backup system is in place with the repeater, a display-off function helps to reduce energy consumption, whilst a built-in support system can automatically switch to an optional 12v battery should the power supply fail. The NXR-810 benefits from a variety of NEXEDGE features, this including having a 16 RAN repeater controller built in. 1000 GIDs and UIDs are available per site, and also having an NXDN scrambler. A microphone jack is present on the front panel allowing for the use of an external accessory, with the overall design meeting the industry standard for a 19” rack mount.

General Features

  • 136 – 174 MHz, 50W
  • 400 – 470, 450 – 520 MHz, 40W
  • 50 / 40W @ 50% Duty
  • 25 / 25W @ 100% Duty
  • 40, 100 & 150W 100% DutyUHF Rack/ Cabinet Systems
  • 50, 110 & 150W 100% DutyVHF Rack/Cabinet Systems
  • Repeater Operation
  • Duplex / Simplex Base Operation
  • 30 CH Scanning Base
  • Two-Digit LED Display
  • 6 Lighted Programmable Function keys
  • Front Panel Speaker
  • 4W External Speaker Audio
  • Volume Control
  • Program via Serial or IP
  • Remote Terminal Interface
  • Programmable AUX I/O’s
  • Power Supply Voltage Monitor
  • RF Power Down Detect
  • DTMF Front Panel PF key Control
  • DTMF AUX Output Control
  • DTMF AUX Input Monitoring
  • PC Serial Interface
  • Windows®PC programming
  • Flash Firmware Upgrading