Kenwood TK3601D Dual Mode


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The Kenwood TK-3601D is a perfect and professional digital licence free radio. It’s stylish, compact, light and easy to use. The Kenwood TK-3601D features the latest digital dPMR446 technology for improved radio operations. It automatically switches between digital and analogue modes dependent on what mode is being received, it has a total of 48 channels. 32 channels are digital and 16 are analogue. This makes it ideal for use with any current analogue PMR446 transceivers with a view to switching to digital over time. Because of its light weight and compact dimensions, the TK-3601D is built for professional use and provides reliable communications in all conditions.

The Kenwood TK-3601D is compliant with United States Military Standards (MIL- STD) and offers IP67 protection against dust and immersion. It also offers IP54/55 protection against water jets. The lack of residual noise in digital mode delivers clear, crisp communications. The high quality audio design draws on Kenwood’s state of the art technology and features a DSP with an AMBE+2TM vocoder. Optimized DSP internal processing also minimizes the delay associated with digital voice audio. Powerful 750mW output internal speaker and 100mW external. The powerful output delivers clear audio even in noisy environments.

What’s Included

  • 1x TK-3601D Portable Radio
  • 1x KNB-81L Lithium Battery
  • 1x KSC-50 Charger & KNB-44 Power Supply
  • 1x KBH-14 Short Belt Clip

Kenwood TK-3601D Highlights

  • No license is required
  • Charger is included
  • It’s fully analogue & digitally compatible with TK-3401D
  • It’s backwards compatible with TK-3301, TK-3201, TK-3501 and TK-3101
  • Offers a vibrant White Backlight LCD: 8-seg. x 6-digit, 1 line

General Features

  • 3 Keys On Front Panel: Menu/Up/Down
  • Left Side PTT
  • PF Key Allows Switch Between Alanogue & Digital
  • New Kenwood 1-pin Audio Connector (Weather Proof while connecting)
  • Compatible with ProTalk FD
  • 7-color Large LED indicator
  • IP54/55/67 Dust & Water Protection
  • Mixed (Analogue & Digital) Scan
  • Voice Announcement
  • VOX/Semi-VOX operation
  • Super Lock Mode: Allows designated keys to be operable while on the key locked mode
  • Auto Button Lock: Automatically lock the keys certainties elapsed
  • PTT hold: Holds PTT button on TX mode for hands-free operation, by pressing PTT two (or one) taps consecutively
  • Selectable Power ON LED: Distinguishes the one at a glance
  • Selectable Power ON Tone: Identifies by beep tone to tell without looking (via PC programming software)
  • Incorrect Signaling Notification: Notifies when the signalling unmatched