Kenwood TK-2360


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The Kenwood TK-2360 is a VHF analogue two way radio from Kenwood. Meeting IP55 requirements this radio has a limited ingress protection against dust, whilst also being safeguarded against jets of water from all angles. Operating to MIL-STD-810 (C/D/E/F) the Kenwood TK-2360 has been tested in some of the harshest working environments, proven to continue working even in conditions such as blowing rain.

A 16 channel capacity offers ample storage with the Kenwood TK-2360, also hosting a colour coded channel stopper in order to enhance operability when only a select few of the channels are required. Side mounted programmable keys are featured on the Kenwood TK-2360, this allows for easier operation usage whilst also taking advantage of the hold feature in order to double the number of functions available for quick use. The TK-2360 is supplied as standard with a KNB-55L 1800mAh Li-Ion battery, this will allow for up to 9 hours of talk time. Standing at 103.7mm tall, 56mm wide and 29.1mm in depth whilst the battery is connected, the TK-2360 is described as a slim, compact and lightweight radio. Advances in Kenwoods engineering have resulted in ergonomic designs that are easy to grip and operate in a variety of working environments.


  • 3 new optional batteries (KNB-55L / 56N / 57L)
  • 4-color LEDs (blue / red / green / orange)
  • VOX / compander / scrambler setting by channel
  • VOX ready
  • Time out timer
  • Priority scan
  • Password protection
  • Wide / Narrow per channel
  • Companded audio per channel
  • Talk around
  • BCL (busy channel lockout)
  • Key lock
  • Slim, Compact & Lightweight
  • Robust & Water-Resistant
  • Clear and Crisp, Enhanced Audio
  • UHF Wide Band Coverage
  • 16 Channels with 4/8/12-Channel Stopper
  • UHF 5W Output Power
  • Programmable Function Keys with Hold
  • Programmable Voice Inversion Scrambler*
  • Signaling
  • Eergency Function
  • Lone Woker
  • Radio Stun
  • Voice Announcement
  • 3 New Optional Batteries (KNB-55L / 56N / 57L)
  • 4-color LEDs (blue / red / green / orange)
  • VOX / Compander / Scrambler Setting by Channel
  • VOX Ready
  • Time out Timer
  • Priority Scan
  • Password Protection
  • Wide / Narrow per Channel
  • Companded Audio per Channel
  • Talk Around
  • BCL (busy channel lockout)
  • Key Lock

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