Kenwood TK2170


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The Kenwood TK-2170 VHF/UHF portable radios provide easy operation plus versatility and reliability in a compact yet rugged package. Advanced features include a 128-channel/128-zone capacity, 5-Tone Signalling, FleetSync® and easy to see 13 segment 8 character backlit LCD. Compact enough to carry anywhere with ease, this smart new radio has a distinctively ergonomic form that’s handy to hold and operate. The Kenwood TK2170 provides loud, clear audio even in noisy environments.

The Kenwood TK-2170 is built to survive the hard knocks, drops and ail weather environments of its users. lt meets or exceeds the stringent IP54/55 dust and water intrusion standards and the MIL-STD 810 C, D, E & F environmental standards including the demanding “driven rain” test. The Kenwood TK-2170 supports Voting function, which is to look for and Iock on to the best repeater signals automatically in the multi-sites system. This feature enables customers to make communications without compromise.


  • 5 W (136 – 174 MHz)
  • 4 W (450 – 490, 400 – 430 MHz)
  • Conventional Zones
  • 128 Channels / 128 Zones
  • Single Priority Scan
  • 8 Character Alphanumeric LCD
  • VOX Ready
  • DTMF & Two-Tone Decode/Encode
  • FleetSync®
  • MIL STD C/D/E/F (includes Driven Rain)
  • IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion
  • Intrinsically Safe Option
  • Voice Inversion Scrambling
  • Encryption / ANI Control
  • Emergency Call; Emergency Man Down
  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F
  • MIL-STD “Driven Rain”
  • IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion
  • Field Programming & Tuning
  • English/Spanish Program Screen Language
  • Windows Programming & Tuning/Firmware Uploading
  • PF Keys
  • Emergency Call Features
  • Emergency Man Down Option
  • DTMF Auto-Dial (16 Numbers)